Integrative Medicine 

and Other Services

Erika Fayina Marie, LAc, is a medical professional, 

speaker, writer, & artist.  

Truly Integrative Health Care

Erika offers integrative, natural, East Asian, and other health consultations & treatments.  Her clinic, Chiyu Center, has two locations in Longmont, CO:  Main Street (semi-private) and Old Town North (private).  She also consults by web-cam and phone.

Inspirational & Educational Speaking

Speaking to diverse groups across professional fields, Erika illuminates the power of joining ancient knowledge with modern science, offering step-by-step methods for gaining clarity, triumphing over difficulty, and achieving your next higher level of success, health, and happiness.

Classes & Workshops

Erika’s in-person classes, online classes, and Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Attunements set a new standard in excellence.   Her unparalleled understanding of the complex interplay between mind, body, spirit, and environment paves the way for brilliant “aha” moments.

Articles & Art

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the pen is mightier than the sword.   Erika accepts freelance article assignments and sells archival quality reproductions of her paintings.  She also shares her personal stories.

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“A Phoenix does not hate her Fire.  She uses it to Transform.

 ​And so can You.  ​

Your greatest adversaries and obstacles are  actually your Springboards. They serve as your Gateway.”​​

 ​ ​​​

~ Erika Fayina Marie, LAc, USMA Class of ’02