Want the buzz on Erika’s work? The following success stories are just a sampling!  

(Please note: Names have been changed to protect patient privacy. Every case is different. There are no guarantees to treatment.)


“I’ve tried everything. Your treatment has been the only thing that has helped my hand and wrist since the accident.” ~ Shannon, a chiropractic doctor

“[Your daughter’s] cardiac MRI came back clear. There is no sign of iron in her heart. It is unbelievable.” ~ John, pediatric hematologist​​

“I pulled my quadriceps right before state track finals. I was ranked third in the state and needed to place high for college scholarship. One acupuncture treatment and the pain was gone. The next morning, I placed 2nd in the state!” ~ Ann

“I am a huge fan of your treatment, my hand has had NO issues since the treatment and I am sooo appreciative, its been a long time that it hasn’t hurt even a little bit! Thanks again for the chat, it was enlightening and meaningful and I can’t wait to come back in!” ~ Madeline

“First treatment was 40% improvement in my tennis elbow, 2nd treatment was another 30%. Now, I barely feel it. And I spent all day at the ocean clamming.” ~ Mark, a chiropractic doctor

“What did you do to me? Every morning, for months, I would wake up in excruciating back pain. It took me 10 minutes just to get myself out of bed. The day after your treatment, I woke up pain-free. I still have no pain, and its been two months!!” ~ Mark

“Erika is providing an incredible service to the community.” ~ Laura

“This was… bliss.” ~ Natalie

Conversation during a patient’s second visit:

  • Erika: “So, how was your back on your vacation?”
  • Charlotte: “No pain. I walked the entire time and no sciatica.”
  • Erika: “Great! And your wrist? How’s that doing?”
  • Charlotte: “Nothing, no pain.”
  • Erika: “Shoulder?
  • Charlotte: “None.”
  • Erika: “Seriously?
  • Charlotte: “Okay, maybe if I… no, nothing.”
  • Erika: “Charlotte, I gave you one treatment!”
  • Charlotte: “Well, its gone!”


“After two treatments, my fibromyalgia pain was down 80%. After five treatments, I had no pain at all. I am still pain-free and its been three weeks since my last treatment. I feel great!” ~ Jenni

“During the treatment, I can feel [the energy] moving through me. My doctors are amazed. I know this is what is healing the cancer.” ~ Shelly

“I saw all these colors, especially when her hands were over my eyes and my heart. I felt it flowing through me and carrying me. It was like I was in an ocean, floating.” ~ Holly

“The next day, when I woke up, the depression was gone. And I hadn’t gone a day without thinking about suicide for 2 years.” ~ Karen

“Very professional and friendly! Creates a beautiful space that helped me feel more open and receptive to the healing energy. Highly recommended to my friends. Will continue receiving treatments.” ~ Michael

“This was amazing. I will be back.” ~ Jacob

“There was a huge surge at my heart. I was lying on my back, but my body jumped like someone had put those heart-attack paddles on me. It felt like something had opened. I felt…. loved.” ~ Amy


I couldn’t sleep. I would wake up and just couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve tried prescription medicine and all sorts of natural remedies. I didn’t like the way the sleep meds made me feel and the melatonin wasn’t enough. The medicine Erika gave me worked. I now sleep the whole night. I don’t even need to take it anymore!” ~ Molly

“Tachycardia runs in my family. My tachycardia was so bad that they put me on a monitor and were talking about beta-blockers! A week after I started the medicine [Erika gave me], my tachycardia and anxiety were gone.” ~ Danielle

“I would have this feeling like something was stuck in my throat, and it would happen sometimes when I was out at lunch with my girlfriend, or sometimes for no reason at all, but when it happens I have to get up and walk around, it’s really uncomfortable, and scary. I get afraid that I can’t breathe, and it really feels like something is stuck in there. It went away immediately after I took the medicine. I still carry the medicine around in my purse, but it’s only happened once or twice since then. And the medicine stops it immediately.” ~ Sharon

“I had PMS cramps so bad I could not get out of bed. Nothing could touch it. The Chinese medicine changed everything. My cramps are nothing compared to before.” ~ Rachel

“I had cardio-pulmonary syndrome. I underwent tests and x-rays and there was talk about cancer. It was really stressful. I took one dose of the medicine Erika recommended and the pressure and pounding in my chest and neck were gone. And that was that.” ~ Terry, a chiropractic doctor


“Erika was a great teacher and healer of Reiki. I learned a lot from my experience with her, and the treatment was very enjoyable; I felt the beneficial healing energy immediately and all throughout the course of the treatment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in finding out more about Reiki or for those interested in becoming Reiki healers.” ~ Isobel

“Erika’s Reiki training is amazing.” ~ Angeline

“The Second degree [Reiki II] Attunement was — there are no words! Thank you so much. I’m so grateful to have experienced this, to have this in my life.” ~ Valerie

“I’ve looked around and checked into all the other Reiki practitioners offering training in the area and what you had to say resonates the most with me. I want to do it with you. If the next training won’t be for awhile, that’s okay. Keep my deposit. I’ll wait.” ~ Greg


Just being around Erika is medicine.” ~ Carissa

“Erika is different. She is a real healer.” ~ Ken