Reiki Attunements

Unlock your potential.

“Rei-ki” is a Japanese word that translates to “Universal Energy.”  All things are composed of energy; everything (even what we perceive as solid) is condensed vibration or frequency.  

 A Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki attunement is a way of connecting with pure, Source energy to clear dysfunctional or ancestral energetic patterns and connect with true, personal power.  As rainfall transforms a stream into a river, a traditional Usui Reiki Attunement opens you to receiving Source energy for self-healing and the healing of others.  Usui Reiki energy is very gentle, yet very strong.  Like hiring someone to clean and tune your piano, a traditional Usui Reiki Attunement opens your ability to connect with this Source of Life Energy, amplifies your ability to manifest and create for the Higher Good, and allows you to generate true abundance.  

To sum it up:  A Usui Reiki Attunement is extremely powerful.

Choose a Usui Reiki Master you Resonate with.  While all energy healing traditions contribute to Good and Healing, some have more depth, history, connection, and power than others.  

Receiving an Attunement is like being handed a Key.   

It will be up to you to carry it wisely.  A manual cannot teach anyone how to use Reiki anymore than a manual can teach a musician to play beautifully.   For these reasons, Erika remains available to her Reiki students for lifetime mentorship.

Attunements with Erika are often felt to be sacred, spiritual experiences.  While Reiki is mystical, it is not a religion.  All love and faith springs from the same Source.  Religions arise because we each experience love and light differently; we each glimpse different aspects of God.   Reiki works with all faith and belief.  Moreover, you don’t need to believe in it for it to work.

As creative creatures, we are divine creatures.  Modern science now accepts and teaches that human beings emit light.  Erika understands that our physical bodies are built around the scaffolding of our light; that our organs, likewise, resonate with unique frequencies of light and energy, just like the colors of the rainbow.  When we heal with Usui Reiki, we are healing on the subtlest but vital level, providing Pure, Source light energy to flush and fill all the different frequencies.   The effects reverberate through physical, mental, and emotional levels, healing tissues, organs, mental/emotional blockages, and pain.

There is a saying: “We are not afraid of being powerless; we are afraid of how powerful we are.”  Accepting our power challenges us to create wisely.   Life is indeed a playground, and we are indeed children.  We are here to play, to grow.   To learn the magnitude of ourselves, to become aware, enlightened, and integrated creative beings.   Are you ready for your next step?  If so, this might be for you.

Honoring the Tradition

Erika’s attunements are special in that they honor the principles set by the Reiki Alliance for Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and follow the inspiring instruction of Erika’s own Reiki Master Teacher, Antonia (Santa Marie).  Far from being limiting, the choice to carry on the tradition provides a solid, fertile earth on which each student’s understanding can blossom, drawing parallels to other healing traditions and tying in present day and individual experiences.

A traditional Usui Reiki I Attunement requires 4-6 hours per day over 2 consecutive days.  A traditional Usui Reiki II Attunement cannot also be done in the same weekend — the student must wait at least 3 months. While there are places and persons who offer Reiki I and II in the same weekend, it is important to realize that this acceleration is merely a reflection of our fast-food and on-demand society.   To be frank, it is just not possible to administer the true, traditional Usui Reiki I and II Attunement in the same weekend unless you shortcut or remove things from the original Tradition.  Likewise, it is not possible to provide a full, true Reiki Attunement to more than 4-5 persons in the same weekend. 

Erika chooses not to offer abbreviated, condensed, or auditorium versions of Attunements.  She chooses to maintain the integrity of her powerful lineage.  She also adds something unique:  she has spent considerable time reflecting on Reiki and developing her understanding of it, weaving in the wisdom of Ancient Chinese texts, modern science, and many other spiritual, natural, and energetic traditions.   

Becoming a Usui Reiki practitioner is not about more-more-more, or doing things fast and cheap.  It is not about checking the block, collecting certificates, gaining titles, or superficial existence.  It is about being present for a rich, illuminating, and powerfully transformative experience.   If you seek depth and self-actualization, you have found your teacher in a very powerful path to it.

Reiki I:  First Degree

Reiki I, or First degree Reiki, requires 4-6 hours per day over 2 consecutive days.  The teaching, meditations, and discussions are conducted in a small group of 2-4 students.  Between the small group sessions, as per tradition, each student receives 4 completely private, one-on-one attunement sessions per person.  The First degree Reiki Attunement begins the process of clearing dysfunctional patterns and empowers the receiver to use Source energy for healing of self and others.  It also includes instruction on how to set powerful intentions, generate abundance, and heal relationships.   At the conclusion of the second day, participants receive a beautiful, frame-worthy certificate in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki Natural Healing.   ​ An Attunement with Erika is truly special — a very different sort of event.   She understands that what she offers is very empowering, and with the departure of her own Teacher, she understands that she is a gatekeeper of her lineage.  Please understand that even if you have the money for First Degree, Erika may decline to teach you.   

Additional Training

Reiki I is more than enough for most people.  But some like to go deeper.   Reiki II is said to amplify the power of the Reiki I connection by 300 times.   Reiki Master further amplifies it by 10,000.   At each level, the energy resonates more deeply.   Reiki I is more external:  it allows the receiver a powerful way to heal and manifest in the world.   Reiki II is more internal: it is about soul growth and evolution.  Reiki Master is powerfully amplifying on both internal and external levels — and it should not be done until truly ready.

As per Tradition, Reiki I practitioners must wait at least 6 months after taking Reiki I to pursue a Reiki II attunement.  Reiki II practitioners must wait at least a year before Reiki Master training.  This is so that you can practice, adjust, and actually be ready for the next level of Reiki.  Again, Usui Reiki is special and not for everyone.  It is up to Erika whom she wishes to share it with, to empower with her Tradition.  While having the money available to you is considered one gatekeeper to the Tradition, it is not the only guard.   Erika may decline to share with you the next level(s) of Reiki for any number of reasons and until she knows it is right.

What if I’ve already done Reiki I with someone else?  Can I skip Reiki I and just do Reiki II (or Reiki Master) with Erika?

If you have already done Reiki I or II with another teacher but wish to complete your training with Erika, you must repeat your earlier trainings with Erika first.  This is necessary to ensure continuity.  There is simply no way to know what was given to you from your previous Teacher and no other way to ensure you receive the full Traditional Attunement.  Repeating portions of the training will not hurt you, they will only enhance your connection, while missing steps in the training will certainly do you a significant disservice… and maybe even do you harm.

Reiki Investment

Attunements with Erika are powerful, unique, and you will walk away with something that will aid you for the rest of your life, that no one can take ever away from you, and that will endure beyond the twists and turns of fortune, even beyond death and time.  Prospective Usui Reiki practitioners should view the cost of an Attunement as an investment in their own self.   Erika accepts the money, but the investment is actually an offering to the Divine Source.  It is an offering of partnership with the Divine, a way of saying, “I wish You to work with me.”

What, really, is money?  Money is an expression of time and energy.  Anything worth doing requires both time and energy, and with Reiki, like anything, you will only get what you are willing to put into it.  After the Attunement, the more time you spend working with the energy, the stronger it will flow through you.  It will be up to you to continue to cultivate your Reiki, to continue to invest in your own growth.

Usui Reiki practitioners understand that money is simply a way to exchange energy and value.  The money itself is not so precious — what is precious is what it represents.  And the there is no scarcity of what money represents.  

Prospective students should know that if this particular path is right for them, the money requested for a Usui Reiki Attunement will become available to them (as strange as that sounds), and the cost should not cause any serious hardship. 

Yet, it should feel like a bit of stretch — it should feel uncomfortable.  Why?  Because the investment represents depth of intention.  It is similar to how men often make an offering of an expensive ring to the woman they wish to marry.   It is a sign of readiness and commitment.  In Reiki, it is also an acknowledgement of abundance, trust, and the truth that we always have what we need to grow to the next level. 

Ultimately, the financial piece is just one of several gatekeepers to the Tradition.​   If money is truly the only obstacle to your Attunement, there are other ways.  But they will require just as much — if not more — of your time and energy.  (Think of Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid.)  If you do not have the resources to pay for your Attunement financially, you must come with a strong, unalterable willingness to earn it!

To begin your path with traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, email Erika or call 720-593-1593.