Clinic Pricing & Policies

Financial Policies:

FINANCIAL POLICIES: A healthy patient-practitioner relationship is vital to everyone’s health and happiness.  If you need a payment plan or have other needs, please ask.

ACCEPTED PAYMENT:  Patients are financially responsible for all services and products. Erika F. Marie, LAc and Chiyu Center LLC do not accept or bill insurance of any sort for any portion of consultation, treatment, procedure, or product.  Credit or debit card is the required form of payment for new patients in order to confirm (hold) their initial appointment. Cash or check may be accepted by established patients at practitioner discretion.  A $40 NSF charge will be added to the patient account on all returned checks.  Payment is expected prior to receipt of services and upon ordering of herbs and supplements. 

SERVICE INVOICES: Payment is the final confirmation of appointment. Until paid, the appointment is considered tentative and still available to others. This policy allows your provider to focus solely on treating patients during clinic time instead of diverting attention to collecting payment, and provides priority access to patients who are truly committed to that appointment. 

SERVICE PACKAGES: Erika deeply honors the commitment required to regain health. Patients are recommended an individualized treatment plan and receive significant savings on consult and treatment when they prioritize their recovery through such plans. Patients reserve the right to discontinue treatment at any time. Any remaining portion of a treatment package or plan not utilized will be fully refunded. ​

MEDICINARY INVOICES: Please pay promptly! Your herbal formulas or nutritional supplements will be ordered from the manufacturer after receipt of payment. Products will generally be shipped to the practitioner but may be shipped to the address you specify with your payment. (Group orders shipped to the practitioner typically cost less to ship and will be the chosen option whenever possible.) If you prefer your items to come directly to you, please inform your practitioner and ensure PayPal is displaying your correct shipping address before paying your invoice. Sales tax and shipping charges will be applied to herbal medicine and other products as applicable.

NEW PATIENT INFORMATION: New patients must complete all Questionnaires prior to first appointment, and may be charged or billed for additional time or a missed appointment if the required Questionnaires are not completed prior to appointment start time and the initial treatment and/or consult is delayed.  Chiyu Center’s Standard of Care is the Federal Standard of Care (i.e., the Electronic Health Record, EHR).  Arrangements MUST be made in advance if New Patients wish to fill out a paper copy of the required questionnaires at the time of appointment. For security, environmental, and time-conservation reasons, it is strongly preferred that all New Patients complete the questionnaires electronically.

REFUND POLICY: Chiyu Center’s products and services are of the highest quality and value. In any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of cure, improvement, or desired outcome. For this reason, there are no refunds on opened or custom-ordered health products or on services rendered.

EXCHANGE POLICY: Service and class packages are non-transferable between patients and non-refundable once utilized. Services of equivalent value for the same patient may be exchanged at practitioner discretion. Unopened products in their original, re-saleable packaging may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

OVERDUE PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is expected prior to services rendered and products ordered. On the rare occasion that an account becomes overdue for payment, the account will be charged $1 for every day the account is overdue. The account will be considered overdue if full payment is not received within 24 hours after services are rendered and within 24 hours after products are ordered at the patient’s request.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice prior to appointment start time will result in payment being fully refunded or applied to a rescheduled appointment. No-shows or cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will result in forfeit of payment. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment may be cancelled and your account charged for the missed appointment.

Thank you! I truly appreciate your trust!

*** Live in Highest Health. Be your Strongest Self. ***

Special offers

If you attend one of Erika’s live educational classes or speaking engagements, you may receive a special offer of savings on your initial consultation or treatment.  At certain special events, Erika offers hundreds of dollars off treatment plans. 

Child-Friendly, Earth-Friendly Policies

Like you, Erika values the connection we share with our children and our planet. If you need childcare during your appointment, it may be arranged during select appointment times at both the Old Town North and Main Street locations. 

Chiyu Center is paperless, uses non-toxic cleaning products, and otherwise does everything it can to minimize waste and build a healthier planet.  We do not offer paper intake forms.  ALL paperwork must be completed electronically PRIOR to your first appointment.  If it is not complete, we will have to reschedule and you will be charged for the missed appointment.  Thank you for helping us be a “green” business!  Our health will always reflect the health of the Earth.

Answers to Common Clinic Policy Questions:

Why don’t you accept insurance?  Because it does not serve either of us.

Erika Marie and Chiyu Center do not accept insurance because insurance interferes with providing the best patient care.  

Insurance companies lag far behind progressive hospitals when it comes to integrative medicine.  They set low thresholds for numbers of treatments per year without fully understanding why treatment is necessary, limit dollars reimbursable per year without understanding that some people may need more intensive care for a short period of time than others, and otherwise impose nonsensical policies that limit what providers can do to help patients recover.   Economically, insurance companies encourage exorbitant price inflation for services.  In addition, dealing with insurance companies consumes vast amounts of clinic time that could be better spent meeting with patients and doing medical research.  Chiyu Center’s policy is not to pass the insurance burden off to patients in the form of a Superbill.  With Superbills, patients submit claims to insurance by themselves using special paperwork.  This sets up the expectation that they will be reimbursed for their expenses.  However, just like clinics, patients often never receive the reimbursement they expect from their insurance.  For everyone, the dance with insurance often results in payment delayed for years, offered at a much less dollar value than expected, or even denied altogether.  This causes a great deal of unnecessary stress.   In Erika’s experience, it is simply just better to have a clean “patient-to-practitioner” transaction.  It provides more freedom for everyone.  

Bottom line:  Health insurance is a great deal for insurance companies.  It is a good deal for people who require $5k+ surgeries or $500+ pharmaceuticals.  It is an okay deal for people who require maintenance acupuncture once per month (typically 10 of their 12 appointments would be covered with a co-pay).  But insurance is pretty useless for anyone who actually needs an intensive series of treatment (such as multiple series of electro-acupuncture when in kidney failure) or other natural medical care.   It simply doesn’t cover it, wastes time, and causes stress.  

In Erika’s experience, there are many creative ways to find the means to get the care you need — if your health (and life!) is your priority.

Why do folks pay to work with you?  Because they know the value of their time.

Long ago, the cost of providing medical care was relatively minimal.  Sure, doctors still invested years honing their skills.  But the actual practice of medicine was cheaper.  Doctors gathered whatever herbs they could find and reused their medical instruments between patients.

Today, there is absolutely nothing free about providing integrative medical treatment. When you pay for treatment or simply to be seen, you are acknowledging the cost of many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in graduate medical education, licenses, certificate programs, and continuing education. You are helping to pay for the necessary costs of treatment space, software, malpractice and liability insurance, equipment, and sanitary, quality supplies.  And of course, your medical providers need an income for food and other living expenses, just like you. 

Consider what is more costly (a bigger loss):  Losing your ability to run, hike, and play with your loved ones?  Or selling your car (or taking on short-term credit card debt)?   As someone who was very seriously ill for years, Erika knows that the cost of recovering health can be upsetting.  Goals and vacations must be put on hold.  It can be hard to accept the temporary loss of our ambitions, dreams, and plans.  

But, your health truly is your most important asset.  Once healthy, you can buy a new car.  On the other hand, if you let your health slip away, those temporary losses become permanent.   And, like a car, repairs to the body typically get more expensive the longer we wait.

Remember:  To get around on this planet, you need your body.   The good news here is that the body is regenerative.   It does heal.  You just need to know how to help it do it.  And, luckily for you, Erika has already spent years discovering the whys and hows of the best ways to heal.  

If you are seriously ill and contemplating integrative medicine, you have 3 real choices:

1) Do nothing (or continue doing what you’re already doing, which is not working or you wouldn’t be reading this).

2) Do it yourself through trial and error (if you have the  time, experience, education, connections, and license necessary).

3) Get the help of an expert in the field who thinks outside the box and can help guide your recovery as quickly and effectively as possible.​

Take it from someone who has been there:  Restore your health first.  Then, rebuild your nest egg.

When you work with Erika, you receive hard-won, hard-survived, personal and clinical experience with diseases and disorders that are considered medically incurable.  You get an extraordinary, dedicated researcher. You get an integrative provider with significant, successful experience.  You get a strong integrative medicine advocate behind you and a leader in integrative medicine on your personal medical team. You get Erika’s unique, diverse, and expansive integrative medicine perspective, the insight it provides into your health, and her unique guidance for improving it. 

Take a moment and reflect upon your investments.  No matter what they are, your most important investment is you.  

Because You matter. Prioritize You.