Inspirational & Persuasive

Erika has decades — literally, decades — of professional public speaking, presenting, and lecturing experience.  

At West Point, Erika honed her ability to inspire, explain, and motivate people through difficult scenarios.  As an Army officer, she taught classes to auditoriums full of soldiers, led oath ceremonies multiple times per day for new recruits to all five branches of military service, gave stirring public speeches, and routinely presented briefings to commanders and decision makers, including generals.  

Today, Erika speaks to medical and health communities, support groups, participants in health conferences and workshops, city councils, corporations, and other organizations about the power and potential of integrative medicine, as well as other topics close to her heart.

What does Erika speak about?

Erika speaks about determination, persistence, creativity, and collaboration.  She uses the framework of her own life and experiences to build a tailored connection to the lives, struggles, and difficulties of those in her audience, empowering and increasing personal well-being, satisfaction, efficiency, communication, cooperative team-mentality, goal-achievement, and success.   And that’s just the beginning…

Her knowledge:  

  • the power, challenge, and potentiality of integrative medicine
  • best integrative medicine approaches to auto-immunity and other life-threatening, mysterious chronic disease​
  • why we should love to work — all kinds of work — and how applying our best selves to our workplace and family​ life opens us to success
  • connections between ancient philosophy and modern success in life
  • understanding the microbiome from an integrative perspective
  • inter-connectivity between health of self and environment (Erika has spoken multiple times to her City Council on behalf of composting)
  • how to find paths to self-actualization, courage, and empowerment
  • the connections between spirituality, community, and creativity 

Her experiences:

  • as an acupuncturist and advocate of integrative medicine with both conservative and progressive mainstream providers
  • as a survivor of a complex, unknown immune dysfunction
  • as a mother of a child with an extremely rare blood disorder 
  • as a female and leader at West Point and in the military
  • as a veteran re-adjusting to life outside the military
  • as a solo trekker through the remote Kingdom of Bhutan
  • …  and more!

Why select Erika as Keynote?

Erika is at ease with an audience of any level of authority or expertise.  She knows how to explain complex theories, create bridges of understanding between people and data, and connect with the toughest of skeptics.  

As a presenter, Erika’s style is energetic, persuasive, amusing, and informative.  As a member of the minority (both as a female in the military and as an acupuncturist in the modern paradigm of medicine), she is a voice for empowerment.   And as a survivor of a complex illness, she sees herself as a beacon of hope to individuals and mothers facing debilitating, organ-threatening, or life-threatening prognosis.

If you’re tired of the same old boring speakers, and you want someone with a new, challenging, stimulating, engaging presentation that your people will remember for years, and who can provide perspective and techniques for transformation and self-improvement that folks will be able to implement immediately, hire Erika for your next event!

“Amazing speaker!  So informative and enjoyable!  I was rapt the entire time.  My only question is:  When is the book coming out?” ~ Susan, audience member at AS&D

Everyone loved it.  Members are STILL talking about it. You gave the best presentation we’ve had in years.”        ~ Monty, speaker organizer​, Longmont Optimists Club

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“A Phoenix does not hate her Fire.  She uses it to Transform.

 ​And so can You.  ​

Your greatest adversaries and obstacles are  actually your Springboards. They serve as your Gateway.”​​

 ​ ​​​

~ Erika Fayina Marie, LAc, USMA Class of ’02