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Longmont Integrative Health:  Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness 

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As a service to the community, Erika started her very own health discussion and event group!  Longmont Integrative Health is completely free to join, and you don’t even need to be a member to view the class and event calendar.  Events and classes are added and updated every 1-2 weeks and many of them are free or offered at low-cost. So check it out and come back often!  We’d love to meet you and help facilitate your optimal wellness.​

Ongoing Classes:


​​​​​Are you curious about Reiki? Are you’re wondering if a Reiki Attunement is right for you? ​

Discover a powerful way to help heal yourself and your loved ones, learn how you can do it, and experience a Traditional Usui Reiki energy treatment for yourself!

Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is a way to access Source energy for the purpose of good and healing. Traditional Usui Reiki is a way of connecting directly to the Source of life’s subtle energy, which makes it unique from other energy work in important ways. Today, science confirms that subtle energies flow through living creatures, that human beings emit light, and that all things are vibration and energetic frequencies. Many nurses have become certified in Reiki, and some of our more progressive hospitals even offer it to patients. There are many forms of energy healing, and even many forms of Reiki.  While all of them are good and healing, they are not all the same.

‘Reiki’ (‘ray-key’) is a Japanese word that translates to “universal energy.” In ancient China, life force energy was called Qi (‘chi’). In Japan, they called it Ki.  The understanding of how to use Reiki for healing originated in Japan and was brought to the United States in the 1900s. 

Reiki is not a religion. It is ethical and safe. It does not require you to believe anything. You don’t have to have any special gifts or abilities to use or benefit from Reiki — you qualify just by being human.  Reiki is compatible with all faiths, spirituality, and prayer. Yet, it is also perfectly suitable for scientists, skeptics, and atheists. 

Reiki is most commonly used for physical, emotional, and mental healing, but it is also very effective at healing relationships, amplifying the Law of Attraction, restoring the flow of abundance, and empowering the ability to create the life one desires and unfolding one’s destiny and greatest potential. In this empowering and joyful class, Erika explains different types of energy medicine, shares some powerful stories and experiences, and offers insight into using Reiki to shift your wellness and life to a higher level.   If you’re curious about Reiki, or are already a Reiki practitioner in another lineage but feel like your training may have been *missing* something, you’ll be SO glad you attended this class!  

Questions are definitely welcome. Class includes a free sample treatment.  An online waiver must be completed by all participants.

Seats are limited; RSVPs are required.   See the LIH Calendar for next class dates.   Email today to reserve your spot!​


​​​​Use ​​Medical Qigong (+ Heart Qigong) to help your body heal and promote your optimal strength and energy!

Medical Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) is a gentle, safe, and energy-increasing series of exercises that opens and improves flow throughout muscles, joints, tendons, and organ systems. Medical Qigong is a powerful tool for those looking to restore health lost to disease, disorder, or injury. Medical Qigong is also a powerful tool (now being offered in hospitals) for enhancing health and keeping illness at bay.

The exercises in Medical Qigong are designed to open and promote flow, which aids in detoxification and healing of organs and tissues.  We will not be doing any “higher-level” qigong exercises that might “block up” flow. Such exercises are not only unnecessary, (the most powerful exercises are the simplest), they can be dangerous to health and should only be performed by highly advanced Qigong practitioners. The exercises we will do are safe and serve to promote circulatory flow, rootedness in the body, and tonification of energy.

Medical Qigong is geared towards healing because lack of flow is implicated in nearly all disease processes. Conversely, adequate flow boosts health. (Think of a stagnant pond verses a pond with flowing water.) The exercises we do in Medical Qigong are ideal for those suffering from any of the following conditions: anxiety, stress, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic disease, cancer, autoimmunity, sports injuries, depression, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, lung problems, inflammation, et cetera.

Participation in a full series of the basic “Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong” class is a requirement (or prerequisite) for participation in Erika’s special Qigong form for women with autoimmunity, offered only once per year in the autumn.

Erika also partners with the City of Longmont to offer this basic “Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong” series a few times throughout the year via the Longmont Recreation Center.  Pick up a copy of the current LRC Brochure or visit their website to find next class dates.

An online waiver must be completed by all participants.  Participants are asked to bring their own folding chair if standing for more than 15 minutes is difficult for them.​  

RSVP required.  See the LIH Calendar for next class dates.  Email today for answers to questions & to make a reservation!​

Sampling of Other Classes & Events:


FREE event!

So, you suspect (or know) you’re autoimmune. You’ve heard that you’ve got to tweak your diet. You probably know that the healthiest foods are the ones you prepare yourself. BUT, there are so many AIP/Paleo snacks and ready-made foods on the shelves! Won’t they work? Are they safe for you? 

In this fun and experiential class, Erika explains some of the differences and overlap between AIP and Paleo, and why she advocates something a little different. You’ll make auto-immune friendly Kale Chips, Beef Jerky, and Almond Herb Crackers (which may or may not be right for you!) and get free samples of the the ones that are okay for you. Plus, Erika will provide a complimentary “road-map” to knowing your “safe” foods and starting an individual-tailored and truly healing diet.


Experience Erika’s signature event!  Schedule with

Why are women more autoimmune than men? Is leaky gut really the only issue? What about the autoimmune-trauma connection?

If Everything is One (God/love), how can we be attacking ourselves? Is our body really betraying us?  How do we stop the destruction? What if we don’t fit a diagnosis?

When Erika’s health collapsed, she dove into these questions and found amazing answers that tie together ancient medicine and modern science. She brought herself out of kidney failure, prevented dialysis, and resuscitated a kidney scheduled for removal. 

If you are battling autoimmunity or are a medical or support organization, this insightful talk will change EVERYTHING for you! 

Find out WHY we become autoimmune and HOW to reverse it with Erika’s unique Integrative Medicine perspective: modern, scientific, ancient, and spiritual. Learn Erika’s step-by-step methods to reclaiming energy, power, and health. It is NEVER too late!


FREE event! ​​

Put that smoothie down! When it comes getting nutrition in a beverage, you’ve got to know when to blend and when to juice. Blending and juicing do totally different things in your body.

Juicing was an instrumental part of Erika’s father’s healing from Stage IV liver & colon cancer, as well as Erika’s own autoimmune recovery. During her illness, Erika learned the “hard way” that the juices that might be appropriate for cancer, are not necessarily best for autoimmunity.  And the smoothies that were a big part of Erika’s post-partum recovery, and are great post-workout boosters, were simply inappropriate.​  (Warning: Your Vitamix is NOT a juicer!)

Confused?  Don’t be! In this fun and informative class, Erika shares decades of juicing and blending experience. She will explain when and why to juice versus blend, as well as share tips, lessons learned, and some of her favorite go-to recipes for different health situations. She’ll even share her knowledge of different juicers and which ones are best for serious illness. Then, she will treat everyone to a live demonstration and tasting her preferred juicer.    Join us for a tasty time!

VAXXED:  Documentary & Discussion

FREE event!

By 2032, if the incidence of autism continues to rise at the same rate, 1 in 2 children will be diagnosed autistic and 8 of every 10 boys.  

In VAXXED, learn the truth about what CDC insiders and vaccination experts think about our current vaccine schedule.  For example: a healthy child is 8x more likely to receive a diagnosis of autism if he or she gets the MMR vaccine between 12-18 months old, than if her parents waiting until after he or she is 3 years old.  

The beauty of VAXXED is that it is not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine — it is about making smart choices about vaccine timing given everything we know about a young child’s developing immune system and brain.  This documentary should be on the “required viewing” list of every pediatrician and parent.  And while it only touches on the natural ways to “reverse” and heal autism symptoms, we’ll have time during the discussion to talk more in-depth about them.  They exist!

For the sake of your little ones’ future, don’t miss it!  

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“A Phoenix does not hate her Fire.  She uses it to Transform.

 ​And so can You.  ​

Your greatest adversaries and obstacles are  actually your Springboards. They serve as your Gateway.”​​

 ​ ​​​

~ Erika Fayina Marie, LAc, USMA Class of ’02