Integrative Medicine Consultant

Licensed Acupuncturist

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Speaker, Writer, & Artist

Why work with Erika?  Because:

You need a leader who has been through it.

You need a consultant you can trust to be honest and to help you.

You need a provider with a TRULY integrative and comprehensive understanding of health; an expert able to explain how it ALL makes sense (yes, even your “weird and unrelated” symptoms!)

You are playful, tough, strong, independent, powerful, intelligent, hard-working, and determined to GET YOUR LIFE BACK…

               …. and you need an advisor on your team who is just like you!

How to Heal Autoimmunity, Cancer, and Other Complex Disease With Integrative Medicine

“If you are a veteran, high-achiever, or devoted mama facing a organ-threatening illness, then you are my perfect client. ​​ I’ve been there. I can help.
And if you just want to ditch your pain, anxiety, or depression so that you can get back to living again… guess what? You’re in the right place, too.” 
~ Erika F. Marie, LAc.​​​​, MSOM, Dipl. Ac.

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“A Phoenix does not hate her Fire.  She uses it to Transform.

 ​And so can You.  ​

Your greatest adversaries and obstacles are  actually your Springboards. They serve as your Gateway.”​​

 ​ ​​​

~ Erika Fayina Marie, LAc, USMA Class of ’02

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